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Track Selling: Understanding Buyer Motivations

Ron Holm, Trainer — Max Sacks Int'l

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Ron Holm, Trainer for Max Sacks International, and Randy MacLean focus their discussion on Track Selling and the basis of this effective and powerful sales training program.

Successful salespeople are constantly trying to improve their information and skills. And, while there are many sales training programs, Randy MacLean has experienced firsthand the effectiveness of the Track Selling program.

Track Selling is based on six underlying buyer motivations and these are not new or unknown, but are articulated and recognized in the Track Selling program. Marketing has understood for a long time that people buy emotionally and justify the buying decision logically, and once these processes are understood, salespeople can begin to use them effectively. Track Selling brings this knowledge and information deep into the selling process.

The Six Buying Motives (Hot Buttons of Selling)

Financial Motivation

1. Desire for gain

2. Fear of loss

Risk Aversion

3. Comfort and convenience

4. Security and protection

Ego Satisfaction

5. Pride of ownership

6. Satisfaction of emotion

Companies should consider, for their particular product or service, which are likely to be the dominant motives for their specific buyers. Once motives are defined, each selling point then becomes a benefit statement aimed at addressing customer motivations.

Using a matrix of motives and product features allows salespeople to appeal to a wider range of motives and helps companies to make sure they are covering all six of the buying motivations with their presentations.

Effective selling then moves beyond facts and features to a sales model that is more scientific and helps the sales force to be more productive.

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