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MajGen. Robert Mixon

Partner, Level Five Associates

Why Personnel Development Matters

MajGen. Robert Mixon, Partner
Level Five Associates

Monday, April 25, 2016

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Company performance is tied directly to the capability of the people in the company or the sum total of the people that you have working for you.

In this interview with retired U.S. Army Major General Robert Mixon, he explains how one of the benchmarks of the United States military is the growth of leaders and development of talented employees.

We discussed the practice of promoting the best and brightest, and how to create a strategic planning framework focused on outcomes-based development. Interestingly, although the strategies that Robert mentions in our interview may be something intrinsic to the military, think about how your company would benefit from performing continual reevaluations to see where you stand with your customers, or putting in place an internal capability to continually improve your people.

A lot of companies have hired people who were trained years ago to do what they do, and to this day they still do those same kinds of things in the same way. In order to remain relevant to your customers, however, you've got to get innovative. Employees must test new methods or invent new processes. It's imperative if you want your company to move forward.

Watch the video in order to learn more about how putting in place a leadership structure and performance-based culture would benefit your company. [click for article]

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