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Using the Power of Track Selling to Get to Yes

Ron Holm, Trainer — Max Sacks Int'l

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Randy MacLean discusses the process behind Track Selling with Ron Holm of Max Sacks International, and why this science and psychology-based method is so successful.

What is Track Selling?

Track Selling is a step-by-step method that considers the whole sales process, leaving nothing to chance. Sales managers have used this program to help their people achieve success with their job by implementing these transferable skills and precise methods.

The system is based on answers to the question, "How do people buy?" In this video, Ron explains the five buying decisions (the hidden agenda) that potential customers must make before they close the deal.

The Customer's Five Buying Decisions

1. Sales person – Is the sales person knowledgeable, trustworthy, and can they be of service?

2. Company – Does the company have a good reputation and record of accomplishment?

3. Product or service – Is the product a match for their needs, wants, and desires?

4. Price – Is it worth it? It should be understood that people buy based on value, not price. Success means increasing the value proposition so that price warrants the spend.

5. Timing – Does what is being offered match their timing needs?

The Track Selling system addresses each of these buying decisions in their proper psychological sequence. According to Ron, following the method in the proper sequence will lead to a 30% increase in sales.

A Method that is Planned, Not Canned

Track Selling is one way managers can help salespeople to clear the hurdles in order to get a yes. It provides professional selling skills that are planned, not canned, and are adaptable to any product or service sales cycle.

For more information about Ron Holm, visit: www.maxsacks.com/people/ronholm.html