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Translating Information into Sales Action

Ron Holm, Trainer — Max Sacks Int'l

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Randy MacLean, President, and Ron Holm, Director of Business Development, talk about improving the capabilities of your sales force with the powerful combination of line item analytics and use of the Track Selling system. WayPoint Analytics itself has implemented a Track Selling system for managers and salespeople. This program is now available for companies using WayPoint and WayPoint information.

What is the Track Selling System?

Track Selling is a fifty-year-old methodology and philosophy for selling based on the science and psychology of how and why people buy. It takes into account research on the buying decision and motives. The program's seven-step process for success makes salespeople fearless, because they know what to do and how to do it.

Ron presented his own data as proof of success, having trained more than 250,000 people from thousands of client companies, he consistently sees a 30% increase in sales after training.

How does it fit in with line item analytics?

Sales is not always about new customers. It is sometimes about working with existing customers to change the nature of the sell. Armed with information and certain steps, salespeople know what to do. Salespeople increase success by understanding the opportunities shown in the data and using the science of Track Selling to explain the benefits to the client.

Salespeople have a stake in analytics and reporting because the data is directly beneficial to sales results and commissions. Data gives salespeople the confidence to tailor their messaging and enhance the profit winners and diminish the most costly accounts.

How is data transformed into action?

The biggest hurdle faced by executives, once they see the numbers, is putting information into action. They know what needs to be done, they know the opportunities, but translating this to sales-oriented strategies and tactics is difficult. If this can be conquered, the results are there.

Speaking from experience, Randy noted that the synergy of Waypoint Analytics plus the Track Selling system has translated into extraordinary profit gains for clients who have implemented the program.

For more information about Ron Holm, visit: www.maxsacks.com/people/ronholm.html