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Why the Majority is Always Wrong

Paul Rulkens, —

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We live in a world where the questions might be the same, but the answers have changed. In other words, what has got you here, will no longer get you there. And if you want to have results that you've never had before . . . you need to start doing things you've never done before.

When people, teams, and organizations hit a wall, they tend to do one of two things: they either do more of the same things, or they do less of the same things. But what you very seldom see is that they start to do different things instead. If you look at the data, approximately three per cent of people are inclined to even do different things. The remaining 97% continues to smash into the wall, like some kind of crazy energy bunny on steroids. Why is that?

Over 95% of our life, we run on automatic pilot. If your brain is on automatic pilot, this leads to what scientists call mental myopia, also known as tunnel vision. If you take a closer look at your industry or professional field, you also think inside a very small box. The boundaries of this box, they are called industry standards, or industry norms. If you do what everyone else is doing, you get results that everyone else is getting, and those are 'normal' results. And the thing is, what we are after today, are extraordinary results. So, the key question is of course: How can you kick yourself out of the box?

What we have found is that breakthrough innovation, extraordinary results happen when people decide to finally break the standards or the norms in their industry or professional field. By understanding that the majority is always wrong, when it comes to high performance, finally you have the opportunity to quit fixing things, and move to massive innovation. If you do what everyone else is doing, you're not distinguishing yourself, and you're probably stuck.

We know that three per cent of people are able to achieve extraordinary results. Each of you can become part of those three per cent by deciding, as of today, to break your industry standards and to break your industry norms. The alternative of course, is that you become part of the 97% who, in the end, works for those three percent. As of today, that choice is completely yours.

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