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Barry Wright, Director Grosvenor USA — Grosvenor Training

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A set of fresh eyes does a lot for any business. It spurs new questions and new ideas to things that employees become blind to when they live in it every day. "Why do we do this" is not asked frequently enough by employees once they become comfortable in their position. People become used to the problems around them that they can't easily solve, and learn to accept those pesky inconveniences.

Going to someone and pointing out all their problems isn't going to get anyone very far, because everybody can do that. What holds real value is when you can walk into a company and say "I noticed a problem in the warehouse, and here's the solution I came up with". It's the ability to come up with an effective solution that's easy enough to implement that will help you bring true value. This is the #1 skill of any leader.

For more information about Barry Wright, visit: www.grosvenortraining.co.uk


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