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How to Price Smarter in E-Commerce

Dr. Jonathan Bein, President — Real Results Marketing

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It's necessary to create a new pricing system for online orders. These transactions can raise costs unless approached differently, and it's important to adjust pricing accordingly.

Don't want to increase prices? Then increase basket size, encourage bigger orders from your customers, and that will lower the costs so there's little to worry about.

It passes the gut check for most to say that "adding another line to an invoice will make this more profitable", because it enables you to work around fixed costs. In most cases, when possible, it's a good way to go.

However, you need a certain value to overcome the incremental cost to the invoice. Adding on another $4 item could do more harm than help, and your best bet is to add bigger items with a higher value. In order to see what that turning value may be, and to see how to most effectively bundle orders... That's where analytics comes into play.

WayPoint show you all this information, showing what you can do that will be either helpful or detrimental.

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