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Marketing Value in the Right Language

Dr. Jonathan Bein, President — Real Results Marketing

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While most C-level executives can give a good basic outline of the value proposition for a product, very few of them can give deeper, numerically-based details. Value propositions tend to be more "right side of the brain" appealing to emotion, where they seem to miss the more analytical and numerical "left side of the brain" entirely. The creation of this proposition is often driven by "right brain" creative types in the marketing department, unfortunately leads to the proposition failing to stand up against scrutiny and further questioning.

Coordinating the effort to put together a higher-level, more effective value proposition requires special focus and a lot of effort, so it's often found to be beneficial to delegate much of the work to an outside firm.

Jonathan Bein likes to coordinate the final creation of the enhanced value proposition as a group effort. The 10-20 top executives of the company, plus representatives from marketing. This enables you to look at the proposition from both external and internal points of view, making it much more thorough and complete.

Customers buy much more than the product. They buy the company, the customer buying experience, and the consistent capabilities of the product.

Everybody is trying to monetize their product, and it can be difficult to make yours stand out when focusing on doing the exact same thing. Everybody thinks that they are better, everybody thinks that their product/company is better.

For more information about Dr. Jonathan Bein, visit: www.realresultsmarketing.com


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