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How to Make Your Value Proposition More Powerful

Dr. Jonathan Bein, President — Real Results Marketing

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The under-utilization of the value proposition is a great oversight many companies make, that leads to a multitude of missed opportunities.

Value is determined by much more than the product itself. It's connected to what additional services and benefits can be provided. If your can expand on your value and promote it, it can become a refined, powerful tool that will more impactfully effect the decisions of customers. With a deeper consideration of your value, and if approached right, you may find that you deliver more value than you realize.

If you can quantify the objective value to the customer, that creates the objective value for the product. However, that's brought down by the prices of competitors. Most people within a company don't know the exact place that their products lie on this scale.

If you provide something of value to a customer, AND THEY KNOW IT, then you'll receive benefit from that. However we often do many things for the customer that they don't even realize/think about.

The value proposition is a crucial part of the exchange to get right. Providing and conveying soft benefits to the customer isn't all there is to it. Framing those benefits in a quantifiable and recognizable manner is vital to being able to sufficiently monetize it.

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