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How to Keep Your Next Gen Sales Force Effective

Barry Wright, Director Grosvenor USA — Grosvenor Training

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The oncoming young business generation is a powerful force that none can dismiss. They're smart, ambitions, and energetic, and all around pose a powerful force within the market. However, they aren't all-seeing, all-knowing beings. There are certain kinds of knowledge and wisdom that are passed down from generation to generation which need to be taught to these young workers. Have we been doing a sufficient job at this?

The new generation is not to blame for their lack of knowledge in these regards. After all, how is one to know that they need to learn these things if it is never brought to their attention by those who are supposed to teach them? Much of what they need can be learned in a school, but there are some lessons from the school of hard knocks that we need to teach them so they can move ahead more effectively in business.

One such lesson of the sort is making your boss a star. Your boss is trying to make a good impression on his superiors, just as you are to him. Doing things to make your boss look good will raise your value to them immensely. It will put you ahead when being considered for a promotion, and even more so when your boss is promoted or retires, and needs to be replaced.

The new generation is coming in fast, and we have a duty as the wise generations that came before to pass down the knowledge they may never learn otherwise, or at least have to learn the hard way.

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