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It's All About Change

Shelley Row, Principle — Shelley Row

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It's All About Change

In this video, Randy MacLean, President of WayPoint Analytics talks with Shelley Row of Shelley Row Associates about handling change effectively. Shelley helps businesses master the soft capabilities necessary for improved management, productivity, and efficiency that can help earn more profit from their usually large investment in payroll.

The most important aspect of a CEO's job is driving change. All companies will go through change, and it is the job of a leader to not only embrace change, but to guide their people through change. However, many find a reluctance within their organizations to move into a new way of thinking and doing.

Confronting change as a threat

Shelley's work is based in neuroscience and how the brain reacts to various situations. In the case of the uncertainty that accompanies change, the brain perceives a threat response. With any change, there are many people who will react negatively, but a scientific approach gives you clear guidance on how to navigate and use specific tools to handle change.

Acknowledge the change – Early on it helps to acknowledge to your staff that there is going to be change. The longer you hide it, the more fear is built up. Acknowledging change also builds trust and takes away the ability of some to undermine change and keep the status quo.

Put boundaries on the change – Try not to change everything at once or you may want to put a time limit on the change. Incrementally changing or having a test period, keeps people from feeling that everything is changing forever. This puts some certainty into the uncertainty for people. You could also focus on one change at a time or one area at a time. For example, try a change in one office before rolling it out to the whole company.

Emphasize stability- Emphasize where change is not happening, what is stable. This will activate a reward response and may help people to feel good about the change. Point out processes or products that will not change.

Using some simple techniques, managers can help change, and its lost efficiency, lost productivity, anxiety and stress, to be less disruptive. These are the skills you can use in your organization to help your people get through change and help people remain effective while producing results.

For more information about Shelley Row, visit: shelleyrow.com


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