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You May Be Missing Your Biggest Opportunity for Efficiency

Shelley Row, Principle — Shelley Row

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When you're ready to learn about the soft skills and practices required for sophisticated management, you'll want to listen to this video as Randy MacLean, President of WayPoint Analytics, talks with Shelley Row of Shelley Row Associates about gaining a higher level of efficiency and productivity.

Shelley is an expert in the neuroscience of management and offers her experience with some of the techniques successful companies are using within their management tier for driving growth in profits to the next level.

What Companies Are Doing to Make Themselves More Successful

One of Shelley's key messages centers around efficiency, or getting the most out for what you put in. Companies are always looking to increase efficiency of their operations and do more with less. For instance, many distribution companies make substantial investments in warehouses and infrastructure to compete with Amazon.

An often overlooked area for efficiency gains is also one of the biggest ongoing expenditures in a business: payroll. It is easier to think about how to optimize systems and things than how to optimize your investment in your people. The fact is, most businesses are losing efficiency in personnel interactions.

Lone Wolf Management and the Bottleneck

Whether it's someone who dominates a meeting so much that you lose the value and efficiency of others who do not participate because of them or if your management is actually the bottleneck, you can guarantee a better return on your payroll by examining your personnel interactions.

One lone wolf manager (or owner) can limit your potential to that one person's ability to make decisions. In other words, if one person has decision-making control at the top and can make 750,000 dollars' worth of decisions, that's it. That's your potential. But if you have several people that can each make 750,000 dollars of decisions, your growth potential has just skyrocketed. When you pay people to make decisions, trust them to do so.

By doing so, you'll also get a broad range of information to make the best decision, earlier in the process to help you perform optimally. Management techniques should be used to create a culture where you're getting full value for your payroll investment and everyone is providing expertise in their area back up through the organization.

You will upgrade your infrastructure, procedures, and facilities to increase your return, then why not smooth out personnel friction that creates inefficiencies in the operation? Instead of investing in training, invest in your corporate culture that allows you to tap in to the brain power you have in your organization so that you can make a billion dollars of decisions each year. Collaborate and combine expertise and you will start to make solid, rapid decisions.

For more information about Shelley Row, visit: shelleyrow.com


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