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Finding the Startup Within Your Company

Steve Epner, President — the Startup Within

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Finding the Startup Within Your Company

In this video, Randy MacLean talks with Steve Epner, President of The Startup Within, about the importance, and benefit, of having someone from the outside take a look at your business processes and people.

Steve's company takes valuable knowledge gained from working with large organizations, such as Boeing, to provide a specialized team helping companies implement the same changes on a smaller scale.

Finding the startup within

Every company at one point in time was entrepreneurial, but with success comes a certain cementing in ways of doing things. This works for a while, but when something shifts, such as a change in the market, new competition, or shrinking margins, your company needs to change or go out of business.

Outside consultants can help you reignite the business by listening to your people and growing new concepts that you can take to market. Successful companies realize when they are calcified in processes and systems and are not responding to market changes. Every company must take up the challenge of beating the growth curve and its long decline by reinventing processes, attitudes and people.

Strive to stay relevant

In many ways, you may be dealing with an environment you're not used to. However, you probably already have the resources and simply require a disciplined approach to implement changes. Companies are changing, the market is changing, and if you don't want to have to sell your way back into your own accounts, you must make sure you are moving forward with them.

Stay relevant to the incoming workforce of your customers. For instance, if you're not texting, you're eliminating a large percentage of your customers. Often, we don't know what can't be done and outside consultants are not limited by your traditions, history, and experience. Outside consultants can often recognize very simple ideas that can create meaningful and effective changes in your company.

Start thinking about the big things you are going to do next to turn over new ground. The StartUp Within is a great resource to help you find the gold in your business.

For more information about Steve Epner, visit: www.thestartupwithin.com


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