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Questioning Your Way to Top Profits in Distribution

Steve Epner, President — the Startup Within

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Questioning Your Way to Top Profits

Managers and executives who are looking for ways to raise efficiency in their units will want to listen to this video discussion with Randy MacLean and Steve Epner, President of The Startup Within. Randy and Steve offer best practices for creating a direct line to superior profits and superior profit rates with simple questions.

The Two Questions

Steve's book, Simplify Everything, offers techniques and tactics to help you change the nature of your performance. Understanding the real problems that must be solved is the first step. One tactic Steve uses often is asking two simple questions of everybody in the organization, from the executive offices to the warehouse.

1) What was the dumbest thing you did today?

2) What was the toughest thing you did today?

Gathering this sort of internal intelligence will lead you to the real problems plaguing your performance.

Find Out More

Once you have gathered intelligence from across the organization, take some time to take a deep dive into the answers you receive. Start by asking some follow-up questions, such as:

•Do we need to do this?

•Is there a benefit?

•What is the cost?

•What would happen if we didn't do it?

•What risk do we have to cover?

For example, if employees don't know why they are doing something, there is a good chance there is efficiency to be found. Take the time to uncover the expense wrapped up in processes that no longer serve, add no value, and in fact drain an enormous amount of money from your profits.

Successful, efficient, and effective companies are those that have uncovered the things that employees are doing that simply don't need to be done. In other words, the "Do" work that doesn't get you to "Done." Your goal should be to rid your company of busy work.

Asking some simple questions can be the first step on the road to being a top-profit company.

For more information about Steve Epner, visit: www.thestartupwithin.com


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