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Creating, Managing, and Measuring Your Strategy

Margaret Reynolds, Principal — Reynolds Consulting, LLC

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Are you ready to acquire new skills that will improve your ability to lead your company? Do you want new tools to improve results in the marketplace?

Listen in as Randy MacLean and Margaret Reynolds, principal of Breakthrough Masters, present examples of leadership teams and executives who are standouts at leading their companies and obtaining outstanding results.

How Successful Leaders Manage Strategy

Often what is considered a strategy is not very strategic at all. Most strategic plans are more like a list of activities. Test the elements of your own plan with these questions:

• Do you know what to say no to?

• Is there clarity? Can you use your plan to make a decision? Are sales, operations, customer service all focused on the same goal?

• Does your plan take you in a new direction?

Successful leaders know that strategy is fluid, flowing with changes in the marketplace, yet focused on the end goal. And, a good strategy aligns the company into a common team, each one having an area of expertise in which they contribute, but all the contributions come together in a synergistic way.

Successful Leaders Focus on Strategy

Change is necessary. You can't get different results by doing the same things. However, organizations can be resistant to change, and as a leader you must be the one to build a culture of innovation to inspire people and get them excited about change. In addition, leaders should reward successful change and be in tune to whether or not the change is a good thing for employees.

Signs of a Successful Strategy

Paying attention to measurable results is the best way to know if you have a good strategy and if you are executing on that strategy. Are you outperforming the market at both the revenue and profit levels?

Be sure to check out Breakthrough Masters blog at this link: http://breakthroughmaster.com/category/strategic-leadership/for more information on strategic leadership.

For more information about Margaret Reynolds, visit: www.breakthroughmaster.com


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