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How Effective Leaders Challenge the Status Quo with Strategy

Margaret Reynolds, Principal — Reynolds Consulting, LLC

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How Effective Leaders Challenge the Status Quo with Strategy

In this insightful discussion, Randy MacLean and Margaret Reynolds of Breakthrough Masters talk about how to innovate, how to set strategy, and how to take your company out of the middle of the pack and straight to the top with new ways of thinking. In this video, you will learn what executives needs to know and should be thinking about.

The Four Quadrants: Strategy and Strategic Execution

The way to be successful is:

• Have an effective strategy

• Have the ability to implement the strategy

Margaret uses a questionnaire to help executives determine where they are in the matrix:

• No effective strategy and ineffective execution of tasks (Chaos)

• No effective strategy but effective execution of tasks (Project Manager)

• An effective strategy but ineffective execution of tasks (Visionary)

• An effective strategy and effective execution of tasks (Effective CEO)

An Effective CEO

The ability to be a change leader involves creating an effective strategy for the future and strategically engineering the company to accomplish the strategy. Your strategy should be able to jumpstart your company to a completely new level. The ability to adopt great ideas from elsewhere is one component of successful and capable leaders, many of whom have a disciplined process of continually discovering and evaluating great ideas from anywhere in order to avoid the trap of business gravity.

Business Gravity

Business gravity is the weight that keeps you where you are, in your comfort zone. Gravity keeps you from evolving from how things are always done. One way to free yourself from business gravity is to focus on data, focus on customers (what they are saying, who are your best), or on competitors (understand how customer's see them, learn how to differentiate).

In this video, Margaret and Randy drive home the point that every CEO should be challenging what they do, why they do it, and asking if there is a better way. Enjoy!

For more information about Margaret Reynolds, visit: www.breakthroughmaster.com


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