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Facing Leadership Challenges: Holding and Executing the Vision

Margaret Reynolds, Principal — Reynolds Consulting, LLC

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Facing Leadership Challenges: Holding and Executing the Vision

In this video Randy MacLean and Margaret Reynolds of Breakthrough Masters discuss Margaret's approach to helping executive teams acquire outside thinking to pull ahead of the competition.

One of the core competencies of executive teams is long-term thinking. Yet, this is one skill that can be hard to practice in the day-to-day running of a company. Your role as the CEO or president is not only to lead, but to manage how people within the organization view you as a leader and how you can live up to their expectations. Successful leaders are able to hold the vision for their company and successfully execute that vision.

The Two Challenges of Leadership

Holding the Vision

Being a leader is not just managing what's on your desk today but looking forward one, two, or even five years from now. For CEOs, the range of vision is significantly larger than for managers, and you must be able to look at the lifecycle of the business, make changes, and shift, so you are ready to respond. You may want to ask yourself:

• How much time do I spend thinking about the future of my organization?

• What percentage of my time should I be spending thinking about the future?

Executing the Vision

As the leader, there is no one else to provide discipline and stimulus. There is no manager looking over your shoulder, therefore you need to drive your own agenda. Margaret discusses how effective execution can create a culture of ingenuity and innovation and can be as simple as learning how to ask or invite others to meet daily or weekly goals and solve problems, rather than directing them to perform tasks.

Vision and execution are equally important when leading a company, and in this video Margaret and Randy offer strategies for ensuring opportunities are not missed. Don't miss this one!

For more information about Margaret Reynolds, visit: www.breakthroughmaster.com


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