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Profit Strategies for Distribution Management

Multidimensional Negotiating to Support Your Sales Team

Barry Wright, Director Grosvenor USA
Grosvenor Training

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

In this video, Barry Wright, Director of Grosvenor Training and Consulting, and Randy MacLean, President of WayPoint Analytics, talk about helping sales management and executives in the distribution industry bring negotiation skills to the forefront in order to gain an edge in the marketplace. [click for article]

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Why Salesmen Are Different than Sales Managers

Dirk Beveridge, President
4th Generation Systems

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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Dirk Beveridge and Randy MacLean discuss the challenges in moving from a sales representative role to a sales manager role.

They discuss how the priority of the sales rep is to identify and then satisfy the customers' needs properly. The same goes for a sales manager, but the sales manager's "customer", in this case, is the sales representative.

Sales managers get to use the same skills of identifying and meeting their clients' needs, but their 'client' is the sales rep, and so they must bring solutions to help those individuals meet their goals which, in turn, will help the company. [click for article]

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A Culture of Innovation Starts at the Top

Steve Epner, President
the Startup Within

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Thursday, January 07, 2021

In this video, Randy MacLean talks with Steve Epner, President of The Startup Within, about best practices for integrating innovation into your business. Managers can and should encourage employees in innovating new ways of doing what you already do that are better for the company and especially better for the customer. [click for article]

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MOQs - A Game-Changer for Profits

, President
the Startup Within

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

There's a new technique that can cut costs and boost cash-flow, and it's surprisingly easy. In a challenging and competitive environment, distributors are looking deeper into analytics and we've discovered a new way to address small orders that's a win-win for you and for your customers.

Spend 30 minutes with us to learn about MOQs, and how they'll be a game-changer for you. [click for article]

Downloads: webinar-MOQ - Copy.pdf

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Wholesale Change Show: Get Over the Small-Order Hurdle

Ian Heller, Senior Partner
Distribution Strategy Group

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Thursday, October 08, 2020

There is a way to get over the widely recognized "small-order" issue in distribution in a truly actionable way. Establishing and monitoring Minimum Order Quantities requires just small changes once the right building blocks are in place. [click for article]

Downloads: podcast-DSG.pptx

For more information about Ian Heller, visit: www.distributionstrategy.com 

After the Virus — Thinking Inside the NEW Box

, Senior Partner
Distribution Strategy Group

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Thursday, May 28, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting the market as never before, and the recovery will represent the greatest opportunity for business in more than 70 years. The "new normal" will be radically different from the "before", and companies that anticipate and position to exploit the changes will become the Amazons, Apples, and Facebooks in the next decade. [click for article]

Downloads: After-the-Virus.pdf After-the-Virus.pptx

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