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After the Virus — Thinking Inside the NEW Box


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Thursday, May 28, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting the market as never before, and the recovery will represent the greatest opportunity for business in more than 70 years. The "new normal" will be radically different from the "before", and companies that anticipate and position to exploit the changes will become the Amazons, Apples, and Facebooks in the next decade. [click for article]

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C-19 Paradigm Change: Getting to the "new normal"

Bruce Merrifield, President
Merrifield Consulting

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Thursday, April 30, 2020

The C-19 pandemic has popped the global, bubble economy. The just-in-time, supply chains and economies loaded with too much debt are all disrupted. Most of the global economy is locked-down. How will the New Normal economy emerge? No one knows. Guesses abound. Bruce Merrifield presents adjustable, downsizing plans for - best, likely and worst – case scenarios. In parallel to C-19 challenges, don't forget to be inventing winning "digital models" by 2023. B2B e-buying was ascending before the pandemic. Now, C-19 necessities are teaching everyone how to use and like virtual interactivity and buying.

Two Downsizing Methods: Chain-Saw v DURRR. The chain-saw technique? Use your financials to do what has worked in the past: even though present challenges are unique. Cut: all discretionary spending; all forward investment; and all operating-costs as fast as - sales, margin dollars and profits - fall. Then, sell harder (the same way) and be tough with channel "partners" in the - zero-sum, win-lose concession struggles. Or: DURRR? Use net-profit analytics (with a cost-to-serve model at the line/pick/sku level). [click for article]

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Analytics & Action for Coronavirus

, President
Merrifield Consulting

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

We're all been thrust into an unwelcome and unprecedented environment that's certain to re-shuffle our markets and our industries. Many companies are reeling from disruptions in sales velocity and product supply, and others are scrambling to supply jumps in order volume for certain lines. Overlaid are the health concerns in protecting our teams, and the potential or actual absense of personnel.

Your market will be a different place when this ends, and what you do now will determine your place in it. The actions you take in the next ten days are sure to affect your immediate cash-flow, and your post-pandemic market position. Mistakes made under the pressure of responding to the situation could be very difficult to fix.

We've been watching the situation since mid-January, formulating plans for addressing the situation while protecting cash-flow, talent, and market share. In this session, Randy MacLean shares a framework to tame some of the chaos, and present vital actions required to protect the relationships and product flows that will determine your company's position when we get to the new "normal". [click for article]

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David Bauders, President

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Thursday, April 09, 2020

WayPoint Analytics has been watching for additional solutions that can really help protect and optimize your cash-flow. One we've found is SwitchTM by SPARXiQ. Switch uses proprietary algorithms to identify target SKU that are most likely to have hidden incremental cost factors. With Switch, you can apply an appropriate price adjustment that drive incremental NET profit, to the tune of 1 to 2 bottom-line margin points.

In this short webcast, Randy MacLean, WayPoint Analytics' founder and David Bauders, CEO of SPARXiQ present an overview of the opportunity you have to achieve a quick turn around, using limited resources and with no change management. [click for article]

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How to Price Smarter in E-Commerce

Dr. Jonathan Bein, President
Real Results Marketing

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

It's necessary to create a new pricing system for online orders. These transactions can raise costs unless approached differently, and it's important to adjust pricing accordingly. [click for article]

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Is Your Specialization Paralyzing Your Growth?

Bruce Merrifield, President
Merrifield Consulting

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Thursday, March 12, 2020

New, different tools can often be used for the same old job, but that's not always the right way to utilize them. When people are too focused on only their one specialty and forget to consider all aspects of a business, there is very little room for change. Specialization is good and healthy, but it should function more like the focused vision of a hawk than that of a horse with blinkers on. Some peripheral vision can enable people to think "where in the business can this tool be used best" rather than "how can this tool help me get my job done". [click for article]

For more information about Bruce Merrifield, visit: www.merrifieldact2.com 


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